iDoCicks is found by Javed Vahora. It is operated by the same team that successfully ran NYNJ Photography for over a decade. Same team members (with better vision and even better customer service) decided to continue the journey together. We are a team of three; Javed, Gaurav and Anis. Our role during shooting keeps changing but what doesn't change is who we really are as a person. 

Our Goal/Vision

To provide the best quality photo  and cinematography along with even better customer service. Being a small studio, you get the personal attention you deserve. We work with handful of clients per year to focus on your precious event that takes place only once in your life time. No discrimination against small, big wedding/event regardless your beliefs. As long as you are happy with our past work and believe we are the right fit, you will be our priority.  

What we do?

It all starts with your inquiry. It is handled by Javed personally. All your questions, concerns will be handled by the founder him self.  From inquiry, questions, concerns, shooting, editing to final product; everything is handled in house. None of the work is being outsourced. We don't believe outsourcing the work. Same team that shoots your event will edit from start to finish. Our vision starts when they see the actual moment unfold in front of them, we capture it and then execute during editing the way we visioned it at the time we first saw.